Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Okay, I don't usually get nightmares much anymore--I really, really don't. However, last night I had one--and it was terrible. I woke up shaking and sweating and couldn't fall back to sleep for about an hour or so.

The nightmare is kinda hazy. I remember it taking place in Chicago, why Chicago...I don't know, since I never have been there. I was staying at a hotel with two friends, who I couldn't identify. Anyway, we were a witness to a crime, and pretty much being hunting down through the whole dream. The killer was trying to track us down, and I kept on trying to call 911, however, I didn't know Chicago's area code--so they wouldn't put me there OR I would dial the wrong number and someone at the school would answer.

This happened about 5 times in the dream.

I finally managed to wake myself up when I got out of the hotel we were staying at--I had a feeling the man was able to find out where we were, and I was hurrying to my friends to get out, get out, get out. And I ran out, and they got lost from me.

Needless to say, I was shaking at 1:30 am. I was sweating. I grabbed my chilldhood stuffed Miss Piggy and hugged her, Rich and the cats, to calm me down. I thought happy thoughts. I turned on Nick at Nite, instead of the history channel. And eventually, eventually...

I drifted back to sleep. A dreamless sleep this time.

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