Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Art of Procrastination...

The Art of Procrastination...
By nature I am a procrastinator. I will do everything else that doesn't need to be done, before I actually get to the one thing that NEEDS to be done.
It started in my childhood years--I was very bright, and an early reader, however my report card was always filled with "time management" and "daydreams too much" kind of statements. My parents expected it, but were always unhappy just the same.
I remember leaving things to the very last minute, and then getting sick that day. Or something would come up. Or there would be an emergency...or something...just about everything would get in the way. And then I would get talked to which in parent language means "lectured" and I still never really learned.
I just got older. And my ways of procrastination seemed to be perfected to a science. To where, people may not even know that I am not doing work, because I just look like I am busy all the time. Unfortunately, I do everything except what I should be doing. Which is kind of a problem.
Two fine examples of my procrastination skills:
This past Sunday, I had to do lesson plans. I know I had to do lesson plans. I do them every week--so it is never a surprise that they needed to get done. They had to get done, and unfortunately I was the one that had to do it. I was also off on Thursday and Friday as well as the weekend--so theoretically, they could have gotten done on Thursday. They probably should have gotten done on Thursday, but unfortunately, on Thursday, I was busy doing everything else--but my lesson plans. So, Sunday I decide to start them for this coming week. I turned on my computer at 6pm. Opened Microsoft Office at 6:05, and didn't officially start my lesson plans until 10:15. That was 4 hours and 15 minutes, that I could have been doing work, but just well...chose not to. I was looking and doing everything else--'cept laundry, because I wouldn't even stoop that low. However, I talked to a few people on the phone, searched ebay, cleaned the cats litter, took a bath, send a few e-mails, wrote a few letters, complained about doing my lesson plans, posted on my blog, organized my socks, and decided to look for a t-shirt online. Seriously! Well, I need to head to bed by 11; so I figured at 10:15--I should attempt to start it. Well I did. The three lesson plans at I needed to write, took at most 40 minutes--when I was actually working. So, my lesson plans took 5 hours--however, only 40 minutes of "workable" time.
Case #2
This story happened in July. Rich and I got a safe deposit box, so while I was home for the summer, I was told very specifically to gather up our birth certificates, marriage licenses, and other various important documents. I knew where they were. I knew exactly where they were. In actually it should have taken me 5 minutes. Here is what happened in reality: I went down to the basement. Good intentions of actually doing it. Seriously! I had the best intentions in mind. Well, once I opened the storage room door--I realized that conveniently the file box that they were in, was also right next to the letter box and my photo box. (before I go on, you need to know an important characteristic of my personality is I save everything) I pulled out the letter box first and started to read. And read. I saved every letter and every card I have gotten since I was 10. (I also went to sleep away summer camps from 10-22, so there was a whole lot of letters in there.) I pulled out my graduation cards, birthday cards, the ghosts of memories coming back to me. I thought about people I haven't thought about in days, months, even well...years. Well then after reading all those letters, I had to look through my photo box. I pulled out photos, some were wrinkled and weather worn with age. Some looked brand-new. Some, I had a far away look in my eye and I was wondering what was bothering me then. Some I was with friends I haven't talked to in years. And then I found a book of photos. As, I was looking at these photos (now remember, at this time at least 2-3 hours have past) I remembered one of my best friends from high school. Periodically, I used to think about him every few months, but we lost touch for three years. It was completely not my fault. (And yes, I am able to say that with a complete straight face, and mean it too. But that is semantics) Anyway, I found a picture of us in high school; although I have to say he was in a bunch of pictures, but there was one of us in highschool, that just made me smile. Mostly because I remember the day vividly. Except for my wedding, I didn't see him for 9 years, and we were friends for 11 years. Anyway, I digress. So, after viewing these pictures, I decided to contact my old friends--lucky for me, they have the same e-mail address and screen names. (Or rather unlucky for me, because it just meant more time for me not to do work) I went back upstairs, my original project completely forgetten, and I went to talk to my old friends. Then, I decided since I was getting in touch with old friends that I haven't talked to you in years, I should make calls to the friends I do talk to regularly-especially since most of them were having a rough time then. Now, it is 4 and a half hours later. After catching up, and going swimming, I get back at 8pm, and remember what I was supposed to be doing 8 hours ago. I go downstairs to the basement again. I then had to clean up my original memory lane mess. And I find the documents I was looking for 8 and a half hours ago. As predicted, it took 5 minutes to find them--and 8 and a half hours to actually do it.
Yep. If there were medals for procrastination-I would have a gold medal. I have it down to a science.


Mal said...

And look what happened! Now you've got your best friend back and we chat almost every day. Yeah, go procrastination!

PS - yeah yeah yeah, it WASN'T your fault. Glad you know that :o)

Eric said...

Hey Jord! Great blog!

Do you still have Joel's letters that he sent to you at camp?? You HAVE to bring them to T-giving at your folk's house if you still have them.