Saturday, August 30, 2008

Work is Starting Up Again

So, this is my last weekend before work starts up again, and I am anxious. I always get anxious and nervous the week before work starts. I know I'll be fine come Wednesday, when there are full clothes, but it is a slight anxiety before then. I have been catching up stuff at home though because I don't want Wednesday to come, and me be so harried with stuff at home to do.

I am actually looking forward to working again. Despite what people think, I LIKE work. I am restless and can only spend so many days at home, and doing nothing. I like to do things. And I love my job. So, it is a win-win-win situation. 

I like interacting with the kids. I miss my work friends that I don't get to see each as much as I should of. I love getting hugs and smiles from the kids I work with. And, I love the applause that I get at the end of reading a book to them.

And as much as I complain, I do enjoy getting ready and spiffy for work. I am excited because I have some brand new work clothes...that I can't wait to wear. They are just eyeing me in my closet-biding their time before next week. Although I hate shopping, I do love having new clothes. (And yes, it IS possible for a girl to hate shopping-I am living proof of that)

But I will miss certain things. I will miss talking to my friends during the day. I will miss writing lengthy e-mails or IM's. I reconnected with so many people this summer, and I know we will always keep in touch, but I also know the reason why we talk so much is because I have the time. (How is that for a run on sentence?)

Starting Wednesday my schedule goes back to normal. I leave at about 8 in the morning. (after the morning dose of Saved by The Bell). I get home around 4ish. I have a snack. (Usually my famous grilled cheese with tomato). Then I do stuff around the house for about an hour or so (this includes, but isn't limited to: cleaning the litterbox, taking out the garbage, making the bed, vacuuming, emptying the dishwasher) Figure out what to have for dinner, and then finally around 7ish-have some much needed time for myself. I also include a nightly bath as well. So next week, getting into the schedule and everything will be hard, I am going to miss talking to people during the day! :) 


The Top 20 Reasons Why I Love Spring/Summer


This post is for you-because there is something to be loved in all the seasons.

1. My birthday.
2. Passover.
3. Hamantaschen for Purim.
4. Bugs/Insects (Butterflies, Fireflies, Ladybugs, etc)
5. Flowers blooming.
6. The Beach.
7. Going swimming.
8. Lazy summer days.
9. Getting ice-cream.
10. Switching to iced coffee.
11. Making wishes on dandelions.
12. Daffodils (the stinkiest, prettiest flowers)
13. Star gazing at the beach.
14. Summer fruits. (berries and more berries and more berries)
15. Building sandcastles.
16. Boardwalk food (Candy apples, funnel cakes, yummm...)
17. Show Place Ice Cream parlor.
18. Going for walks in the spring.
19. Less hectic schedule at work.
20. The smell of food grilling. 

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Top 20 Reasons Why I Love Fall/Winter

I figured it was another time for a list...since I haven't had one since 101 Things that make me happy

Anyway, the top 20 reasons why I love fall/winter-specifically from October 15th-Valentine's Day (The "holiday months" as I dubbed them).

1. The crispness in the air. 
2. The fall smells-yes, there are certain smells for the fall-pumpkin, apple, pear, vanilla, cookies.
3. Baking cookies.
4. Giving presents.
5. People just tend to be happier this time of the year-after all, it IS the most wonderful time of the year.
6. The first snowfall.
7. Making snow angels.
8. Reading by the fireplace. *note to self: get our fireplace fixed before the season*
9. The stillness and solitude of winter.
10. Ice-skating
11. Homemade soup and chili.
12. How the world looks like a fairy princess castle after it snows.
13. The way pure white snow glistens.
14. Homemade hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream.
15. Holiday foods: stuffing, latkes, stuffed cabbage, pierogies, etc.
16. Feeling comfy cozy in big sweatshirts and sweaters. 
17. Holiday music.
18. Catching snowflakes on my tongue.
19. The starry sky-it always looks different in the winter. 
20. Going pumpkin picking. 

Oh, there is plenty more-but I'll stop for now.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Remember Me This Way

Every now and then
We find a special friend
who never lets us down...

Who understands it all
reaches out each time we fall
you're the best friend i have found...

I know you can't stay
a part of you will never ever go away
your heart will stay.....

I'll make a wish for you,
and hope it will come true,
if life will just be kind,
to such a gentle mind,
if you lose your way, 
think back on yesturday
remember me this way,
remember me this way.

I don't need eyes to see
the love you bring to me,
no matter where I go
and I know that you'll be there
forever-more a part of me and everywhere
I'll always care.....

I'll make a wish for you
and hope it will come true,
if life will just be kind,
to such a gentle mind,
and if you lose your way
think back on yesturday
remember me this way,
remember me this way.

and I'll be right behind your shoulder,watching you
I'll be standing by your side, all you do
and I won't ever leave
as long as you believe,
you just believe....

I'll make a wish for you
and hope it will come true
if life will just be kind
to such a gentle mind
and if you lose your way
think back on yesturday
remember me this way
remember me this way.
this way.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Certifiably Nuts

So most people knew that I was slightly nuts. Which I don't mind. Slightly nuts, can be a good thing. However the other night I crossed over from slightly nuts to certifiably nuts.

I figured that I should starting back on a routine to go to sleep. I figure with work starting soon and all that jazz, I need to start going to bed earlier. So I planned it perfectly. On Sunday I went swimming to get myself tired, I didn't take a nap, and I actually was tired by 11 or so. So I figured that was perfect, it was a great time to go to bed. Well....yeah...that works in theory. So, around 11 o'clock I headed to bed, I told Rich to wake me in the morning before he leaves for work. (And not one of those half-assed wake ups, where he shakes me awake and heads downstairs, while I conveniently try to head back to sleep.) And I fell asleep! Unfortunately though, falling asleep and staying asleep are two completely different things.

I woke up at 3am-and was wide awake until after 5 or so. So during that time, I refused to get out of bed. I wouldn't put a movie on the tv. I didn't turn on my computer. I didn't do anything. I just laid there. I started thinking. I tried every trick in the book to fall asleep: counting sheep, counting backwards from 100, counting forwards to 100, and more. However, in desperation of falling asleep, I also started counting walking coffee cups. Yes, I am NOT lying. They reminded me of the old soda cups from the movie theater commercials, with the dancing cups and all. But mine had little brown feet!


*sighs* I seriously need to get more sleep.



Friday, August 15, 2008

Winnie the Pooh Wisdom

So, one of my favorite bears, has a whole lot of wisdom. Here are my favorite Winnie the Pooh Quotes:

If the person you are talking to doesn't appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.
Winnie the Pooh

If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.
Winnie the Pooh

It's so much more friendly with two.
Winnie the Pooh

"Pooh, promise me you won't forget about me, ever. Not even when I am a hundred."
Pooh thought for a little.
"How old shall I be then?"
Pooh nodded. "I promise," he said.
Winnie the Pooh

Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.
Winnie the Pooh

Some people care too much, I think it's called love.
Winnie the Pooh

You can't stay in your corner of the forest, waiting for others to come to you; you have to go to them sometimes.
Winnie the Pooh

Harry Potter Disappointment

I know this is ridiculously silly, but I am completely upset that the new Harry Potter Movie: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has been moved from its November release until July. 

I have been looking forward to this movie for months. It was the only movie that I was super excited to see this year. I couldn't wait for it.

And now it is moved back 8 months.

Well that just royally sucks.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Heartfelt Words

"Sometimes someone says something really small and it just fits into this empty place in your heart."-My So Called Life


For some reason that quote resonates with me more then others. I never actually watched the television show, because well...I never really watched television. But I do remember here that when I was younger, maybe 15 or 16, and it stuck with me.

I think the reason it stuck with me, is because of the simple meaning in the quote. Many people take pleasures in big things. Not me. I've always found happiness all around me, in simple little things. Sometimes, people pass them right by, without ever noticing. I also take pleasure and thrive on the little things people say-not so much direct compliments, but meanings in the words. Or, even what they don't say. And sometimes it is true, without them even knowing or realizing what they said, it can make my day. Or week. Or month. Maybe even my year. Those are the comments that I treasure the most, the ones that were being said to me offhand. The ones that simply weren't meant to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, and my heart swell and feel all gushy. Those are the conversations that I replay.

People surprise you. They surprise me every day.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Wish for Everyone...

My wish for everyone is quite simple.

I wish...

That everyone has known that they have been loved in their life. And that they find the love they are looking for in the future.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Memories are Tricky Things

So, since I have had free time lately, I have been doing a lot of thinking. And wondering. And yes, I guess you can say even dwelling (but I prefer not too). Memories are a tricky thing. I have been sorting through old e-mails, old diary entries, and old letters and just wondering. Wondering about myself mostly. What happened that day for me to write it. Because those that know me, when I write, I typically write how I feel-and it does come from the heart, but it is very atypical of me to write about what happened that made me feel the way I did.

So, as I look over diaries, letters, and e-mails I have an accurate description of when I'm mad or sad, or just plain frustrated, but I have no clue what happened to make me feel the way I did. And that bothers me.



Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Definition of a Goob

Goob (according to Jordyn's dictionary) is someone that has flawed logic.


It is up there with my other invented words: awesomeness, confuzzled, absotutely posilutely. fantabulous, ridiculosity, comfy-cozy.



Rambling Ruminations

Ugh! I just had this huge long post typed out; and then it got deleted. That just well sucks.

So this week, or rather the last week and a half has been strange. I can blame some of it on Rich, not all though. You see, for those that know me, I HATE doing work. I will find a million and a half other things to do before actually doing what I am supposed to be doing. Last week, Rich asked me when I was home to get something from the filing cabinet. I did. Begrudingly. It seriously was a five minute job. A simple job. All I had to do was find that paper. It didn't take me five minutes-it took hours. You see, right next to the filing box, there was a box and containers filled with memories of mine; letters, diaries, photos, little things that I treasured in my childhood. Well look through that was a lot more fun then going through and looking for my birth certificate-so I opted for my photos.

And as I sat and dug, memories that I haven't thought of in years; the ones that were kept in the safe part of my brain and heart came back to me and made me smile. And then I found it. My photo album from Australia/New Zealand. Yes, I did go to Australia and New Zealand and it was the best experience of my life. Not only is the country gorgeous, but it was more then that. On the trip the people were the ones that made it memorable. I remember coming home and feeling so lost when high school started again in September. I remember one of my greatest wishes that everyone on the trip went to the same school-that didn't happen. And in retrospect, I am wondering if we would have been as close if we all went to the same school-the reason we were so close was because our experiences together, and growing together.

Anyway, I had some really good friends on the trip. I was lucky. But I had one best friend. We were so close. He knew everything about me, and he knew me better than anyone. He even was able to tell why I acted a certain way, even if I didn't know exactly why. He was my best friend. I remember people asking me if we were cousins on the trip, because we were so close, we acted like we were related. We weren't. I think what cemented our closeness was in fact the trip. When our group traveled, we were on the bus for hours; literally hours. Sometimes 4, 5 or 6 hours; and we frequently sat next to each other on the bus; and grew very close. A friendship like his is a rare find. Everyone should have a friendship like the one we had. I was so incredibly lucky.

After the trip ended; we went our seperate ways. It didn't matter; senior year in high school he was my best friend. I could tell him everything-and I did. And then college and real life happened. When I was in college, we were still close. But talking once a day turned into once a week. Once a week turned into once a month. And once a month turned into once every six months. Real life and relationships just got in the way; and despite how strong our friendship was, it wasn't able to completely survive that. Months and years would go by before I heard from him. I thought of him; and hoped his life had as much happiness and success that mine had. And when I thought of our friendship, I smiled at the memories-the smiles that I treasured. And when we did reconnect; we were able to talk as if nothing happened. As if no time passed. As if we were our former younger wearing selfs. Which to me, is remarkable.

But as months slipped into years I heard from him less and less. I never questioned it or wondered about it, but I knew that our friendship was that strong that it would find its way back. I had faith. And it did. About six-seven months before Rich and my wedding, we reconnected. The nice thing was, the best thing was, it was so nice, he was at our wedding. That meant so much to me; that my best friend from years back was there to share in the day. Unfortunately, after our wedding the closeness that we had before just faded. Ever now and then I saw him online; and knew by other sources what was going in his life. But it was years before our friendship found our way back.

I know I keep on saying it, but I am so incredibly lucky. Everyone should have a friendship like I do. A friendship that stands the test of time. One that makes you smile and not be sad. A friendship where you don't  need to say a word. One where you can reconnect instantly, even if it has been months or years. Sometimes, I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

On that note, some appropriate friendship quotes:

"What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies."-Aristotle

"Promise me you won't forget me. Because if I thought you would, I would never leave.~Winnie the Pooh

"Magic is when two friends walk in opposite directions yet always remain side by side."~Anonymous

"Every now and then, we find a special friend, who never lets us down. Who understands it all, reaches out each time we fall. You're the best friend that I found. I know that you can't stay, but part of you will never go away; your heart will always stay. If you should lose your way, think back on yesterday. Remember me this way."~Casper/Jordan Hill

"The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with, never say a word, then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation that you ever had."~Anonymous



Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 1 of Being a Bum

Well today officially starts me being a bum. I told some of my friends about it, and they both wondered what does being a bum entail. 

It is a very hard thing to do. Not many people can be a bum like I can be. I'm very, very good at it.

For me, being a bum encompasses staying in my pj's for most of the day-at least until noon. It is also recommended that I watch bad day time television-and reruns of the shows of the 80's (Full House, Step by Step, Golden Girls). When I exhausted the possibilities of tv shows; I turn to my movies. Clueless, 10 Things I hate about You, Beauty and the Beast, When Harry Met Sally-all those fun, feel good movies.

And pretty much get nothing accomplished during the day. The couch will have my permanent mark on it. I will also probably gain about 30 pounds or so, from doing nothing. It isn't as easy as it sounds. 

But hey, I am absotutely, fantabulously perfect.