Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Certifiably Nuts

So most people knew that I was slightly nuts. Which I don't mind. Slightly nuts, can be a good thing. However the other night I crossed over from slightly nuts to certifiably nuts.

I figured that I should starting back on a routine to go to sleep. I figure with work starting soon and all that jazz, I need to start going to bed earlier. So I planned it perfectly. On Sunday I went swimming to get myself tired, I didn't take a nap, and I actually was tired by 11 or so. So I figured that was perfect, it was a great time to go to bed. Well....yeah...that works in theory. So, around 11 o'clock I headed to bed, I told Rich to wake me in the morning before he leaves for work. (And not one of those half-assed wake ups, where he shakes me awake and heads downstairs, while I conveniently try to head back to sleep.) And I fell asleep! Unfortunately though, falling asleep and staying asleep are two completely different things.

I woke up at 3am-and was wide awake until after 5 or so. So during that time, I refused to get out of bed. I wouldn't put a movie on the tv. I didn't turn on my computer. I didn't do anything. I just laid there. I started thinking. I tried every trick in the book to fall asleep: counting sheep, counting backwards from 100, counting forwards to 100, and more. However, in desperation of falling asleep, I also started counting walking coffee cups. Yes, I am NOT lying. They reminded me of the old soda cups from the movie theater commercials, with the dancing cups and all. But mine had little brown feet!


*sighs* I seriously need to get more sleep.



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