Saturday, August 30, 2008

Work is Starting Up Again

So, this is my last weekend before work starts up again, and I am anxious. I always get anxious and nervous the week before work starts. I know I'll be fine come Wednesday, when there are full clothes, but it is a slight anxiety before then. I have been catching up stuff at home though because I don't want Wednesday to come, and me be so harried with stuff at home to do.

I am actually looking forward to working again. Despite what people think, I LIKE work. I am restless and can only spend so many days at home, and doing nothing. I like to do things. And I love my job. So, it is a win-win-win situation. 

I like interacting with the kids. I miss my work friends that I don't get to see each as much as I should of. I love getting hugs and smiles from the kids I work with. And, I love the applause that I get at the end of reading a book to them.

And as much as I complain, I do enjoy getting ready and spiffy for work. I am excited because I have some brand new work clothes...that I can't wait to wear. They are just eyeing me in my closet-biding their time before next week. Although I hate shopping, I do love having new clothes. (And yes, it IS possible for a girl to hate shopping-I am living proof of that)

But I will miss certain things. I will miss talking to my friends during the day. I will miss writing lengthy e-mails or IM's. I reconnected with so many people this summer, and I know we will always keep in touch, but I also know the reason why we talk so much is because I have the time. (How is that for a run on sentence?)

Starting Wednesday my schedule goes back to normal. I leave at about 8 in the morning. (after the morning dose of Saved by The Bell). I get home around 4ish. I have a snack. (Usually my famous grilled cheese with tomato). Then I do stuff around the house for about an hour or so (this includes, but isn't limited to: cleaning the litterbox, taking out the garbage, making the bed, vacuuming, emptying the dishwasher) Figure out what to have for dinner, and then finally around 7ish-have some much needed time for myself. I also include a nightly bath as well. So next week, getting into the schedule and everything will be hard, I am going to miss talking to people during the day! :) 


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