Saturday, November 15, 2008

Getting motivation...

I don't know. Seriously, I have just been so exhausted recently. And it just royally, I manage to have enough energy at work, but I think after using every last drop of energy at work, I come home by 4 o'clock and I am just ready to collapse. Which I am so not used to at all--usually, I am like the energizer bunny, and I have an astronomical amount of well...bounciness and energy--I used to be able to wide awake at 1am, not too long along (like...last month) Now, I am asleep by 10. But I want to go to bed by 8pm. Maybe 11--depending what is on tv that night. Because no matter, how tired I am, I will not miss an episode of Heroes or The Office. And yes, there have been times where I just was holding myself awake, but I didn't want to sleep.

I think this weekend I want to just relax, and well...sleep...and do fun stuff. I need to start getting all my dolls into their "holiday clothes" and setting up scenes and fun things. I also need to do lesson plans. Which seems to be well..constant. Hopefully, we will see how long they take me to do tomorrow--I know, I should be doing them now...but I can't, because I am writing this. And I am hoping for way more energy tomorrow.

*shakes head* I need to take pictures of my Pam doll--I LOVE the new red sweater I got for her, she looks well more Pamish...then she ever did before. Especially with the earrings. I saw a unicorn necklace for her as well on ebay--so I do want to get that.

This past week, I started buying holiday gifts already--actually there were a bunch already bought in the closet of mine. And I know that...Hanukkah is more than a *checks calendar* a month away, I figure if I get one or two things each week, I should be set. I always save Rich for the end, because he is a lot harder to hide the gifts from then lets say...uh...people that don't live here...

I also made my holiday cookie making schedule as well. I think thinking of the holidays, just distracts me from things I should be doing--like...everything else! :o)

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