Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Pam doll!

So, slowly but surely, I have been piece-mealing my doll together.

My project started last May. I decided my one doll, who just really sat on the shelf, gathering dust, had very close similarities to her. Only though...some things were off.

Here was the original doll:

And the real Pam Beesly:

Now obviously there were some easy differences--and things that were easily fixable. First off, the easiest was to find some "professional work clothes" and get rid of that stinkin' ranch outfit.

Well...that took awhile, and took time, in hiring doll sized seamstresses (I mean, people seamstresses that sew doll clothes, not that dolls or midgets are the seamstresses--well, you get the point)
In that time, and due to the help of many friends, my imagination and some money I managed to find (or acquire):
a gray skirt, a black skirt, brown pants, lavendar cardigan, bright white keds (from the Dundies episode), a white button down shirt, a pink peacoat, and blue button down shirt.

I have also managed to semi-replicate various outfits from different episodes:

I have the Casino Night Dress--the lavendar one, with lavendar shoes as well.

I have a similar outfit to the Beach Game Episode: jean capris, bathing suit, pink tank top, and a black zip up hoodie (it should be blue, but that is semantics)
I also have a cat costume from the Halloween Episode, with ears and everything.

I got a red turtleneck sweater and was able to create an outfit from the Beni-Hana Christmas episode.Italic
On the way to me I have some more button down striped shirts coming, and a jumper and shirt similar to the one that she wore at her art show during the Business School episode.

That was the easy part--just finding different outfits that I can recreate. The other things were a lot harder:
First of my original Nicki doll--had blue eyes. Pam has green/hazel eyes. Well, I do have one doll that matches the hazel eyes, so I sent them in for eye-swaps. Yep, I sent the dolls head in via the USPS to get their eyes changed at a doll hospital.

Done and done.
Then my Nicki had freckles and Pam does not. So, I spent an evening with my doll, q-tips, and non-acetone nail polish remover, and "de-freckled" her---yes, that is a professional term. I removed her freckles, and unfortunately removed some of the blush--so I do have to touch that up.

Another thing I noticed is that Nicki doesn't have earings, but Pam does. So, I did the only obvious thing to do--I got Pam's ears pierced--with little silver hoops.

Now, I am in the process of getting her a silver unicorn necklace--and I believe I found one. I have seen three different necklaces that she typically wears on the show--a unicorn, a dove and a butterfly. The unicorn is the easiest to duplicate.

I also plan on getting her a teapot--mostly because in Season 2, during The Christmas Party, Jim gives her a teapot. So, I have a doll sized teapot in mind, which I will be painting a seafoam green.

I have to say, my Pam doll is more a season 2 & season 3 Pam then Season 4 or 5 Pam--mostly because the outfits from then are just easier to recreate.

These are some updated pictures, minus the earrings. :o)

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