Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Holiday Gift

*Winks* Okay, I know I plan in advance for getting holiday gifts. I accept that. I think part of that is due to some years Hanukkah was just so early, that I had to shop early. Now...I just like thinking about getting the perfect gift.

I always wonder who will get the first gift of the season. I already have three people set for now (psssssst...I won't mention who is set, because two of them are on myspace). I just have to go out and buy the gifts! Typically, Rich's gifts I buy later-mostly because I learned from experience that if I buy them, he either finds them or ends up buying himself the same thing that I bought before the hollidays. So, I know. I wait until late November-December for his gifts. But others...that I don't have to worry about finding them. Or buying what I want to buy them-those are easy.

So, who will get the first gift of the holiday this year?


*humms holiday songs*

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