Saturday, October 11, 2008

All Sorts of Dorkiness

So, on this wonderful, fantastic, lazy Friday afternoon, I had a revelation about my dorkiness. Now...I know, I have called myself a dork before. Hey, I even meant it when I said it. I get that! However, this dorkiness...tops any other dorkiness that may be existing.

"So, what happened?" you asked. "How is you being a dork tonight different then last night?"

Well...I will tell you.

Tomorrow I am starting my exciting journey up the city. I am going out to dinner wtih my friend on Saturday night, but the real reason why I am super excited about this trip, is what is happening on Sunday morning. I am going to the American Girl place for brunch/lunch which a bunch of friends. And nope, that isn't the dorky part. I am super excited about it (but also as excited about meeting my good friend for dinner on Sunday night). I decided to bring not one, but two dolls, to get their ears' pierced. *shakes head at myself* But that isn't the worst...

So, in the midst of me finalizing my plans, I decided I needed to pack. I pulled out a suitcase from the closet, and started packing. I pretty much brought all my favorites, my purple sweater that I love, my new Fancy New Beesly shirt, my favorite pair of worn jeans, my favorite socks, comfy cozy pjs, you get the point. In my wisdom, I decided to give the suitcase to my parents to drop off. You see, they are going to be in NYC for a night before they head to Vermont. I figured, if they were able to drop off the suitcase, it would be one less thing to carry from the bus to the apartment.

Sounds like a plan. A good plan. However...and here is where my dorkiness comes in. I didn't pack my two dolls in the suitcase. The reason for that being is, incase my parents forgot to drop off my suitcase in NYC and took it up to Vermont, I would still have my dolls with me. However, I would not have my clothes.But in my infinite wisdom, I decided that I would rather have my dolls with me to join me for brunch/lunch on Sunday then have to either go out and buy new clothes or wear old clothes for a few days. Makes perfect sense?

So, my parents *crossing fingers* are hopefully dropping off my suitcase before they head to Vermont. And I am packing a carry on for the bus. In the bag will have two dolls, a doll hairbrush, pjs for them, my computer, a book for me, and Rich's IPOD. I will say a little prayer to make sure my clothes will get to NYC...but if they don't.


...At least I have my dolls!

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