Monday, October 20, 2008

Today Was A Good Day

Today was a good day.

It was one of those days that I was just happy to be alive. Seriously. I had so much happiness in me, that I almost couldn't contain it. Did you ever feel like that? That your body wouldn't hold all your happiness…or am I just completely nuts?

It started when I woke up. I bounced out of bed. Did you ever do that? Just wake up and just bounce??? *smiles* Maybe it is just me. But I bounced out of bed. Then I decided that today would be a pink day…so I was pretty in pink. I had my pink socks on, my long sleeve pink shirt (with a short sleeve black shirt over it). I also wore my pink fleece. And my pink peacoat (which incidentally looks exactly like Pam's pink peacoat) But I digress. So I was ready to head to the city. And I had TONS of energy.

I was in the city. I went to my three favorite places in the world-American Girl, Barnes and Noble, and my new favorite: The NBC store. I didn't buy anything, because even though I wanted things, I just couldn't justify spending money. So I browsed.

I think what happened though is while I was window shopping-I had my IPOD on and all of the songs that were playing were my "happy" songs-the bouncy ones that I love. They make me smile on the outside and make me feel warm 'n fuzzy on the inside. I was listening to Gummy Bears, some Care Bears, That thing you do, Build me up buttercup, and Crazy for this girl.

I was just so happy today, and there wasn't any reason…


I was just happy because I was.

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