Friday, January 30, 2009

My Meanderings....

So, I was upstairs in my doll room--and I realized somethings.

There is too much stuff in there! (And some of it--I never use!)

Plus, in May with the release of the first Jewish Historical--which I can't wait for--and want to buy that day. Seriously. And I want to buy everything--I want to make room for her. So, in the next few weeks, I am really going to go through and pick and choose what I can sell.

Right now, I have in mind at least 2 dolls, which may change to 4. Not sure yet.

Felicity's and Josefina's dish set. (I bought those as impulse buys--and well since I don't have either of their tables, and haven't even taken them out of their packaging since I bought them--why hang onto them?)

Addy's Quilt (another impulse buy).

Clothes I am more reluctant to sell--but I definitely see what will go on the chopping block as well. The problem is my favorite clothes for my dolls-are the ones that could fetch me the most money for my mission. Seriously--I have an outfit that has routinely sold consistently for over 90 dollars on ebay. Yah, I paid 18 for it when I bought it--but I love it! So we will see about that. Some of my One New Baby items will be heading out.

I also have a Cabbage Patch Kid I want to sell--but have no clue how to price it!

I think tomorrow I may go through and sort through various items.

I seriously can't wait until May. I am really considering taking a personal day at work and going up to NYC for the release of Rebecca and her items.

Well...onto my other obsession:

My random Office quote of the day:

"Oh well. If they're not together now, then they probably never will be. I thought they'd be good together like P.B. & J. Pam Beesley and Jim. What a waste. What a waste."-Kevin

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