Sunday, January 18, 2009

13 Going On 30

Well, the other day I was at Target and they were having a sale on dvds--so I picked up two for nine dollars: 13 Going on 30 and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. (And there may be a reason those movies were on sale--i.e. no one besides me would buy them, but I love sappy cheesy movies.) But I do completely digress.

I remembered how much I loved that movie in the theater when I saw it once, but that was over 4 years ago, and I kinda forgot what actually happened in it until I saw it again. Anyway, it remembered me how I was the complete opposite as a kid--I had no problem waiting to grow up. I remember one day being tramautized about it--I must have been about 6 or so, and my friend Jonathan and I were in the basement and he knew everything. No seriously. He knows everything. He was telling me that he couldn't wait to get older like Doug, his older brother. It hit me then, that I would have to grow up too, and well...I didn't want to. I think I started to cry after I argued with him about it. Being a kid never bothered me. I loved it! I seriously should have lived in Never Neverland.

Anyway, so I was wondering (and I know that people's tokens answer...the one that should be said) if you were able to go back to your childhood (and for arguments sake up to the age 18) and changed something, or have a do-over, what would you do. (And yah, none of that, I have no regrets or I learned from my mistakes, they made me who I am-that is considered direct avoidance. If you had no choice but you had to go back and change something that happened to you up until you were 18 years old, what would you change?


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