Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am officially bored...

...and there isn't much as to say to that. I need someone to entertain me. However, whenever I hear those words...I immediately think of the song "May we entertain you" from Gypsy.

Make me entertain you
Make me see you smile
I will do some kicks

It really is a knee jerk reaction. I think show Gypsy is heavily focused in my high school memories--for certain reasons. It is one of those shows that I just look about fondly. Mostly because during that time that I was happy. Really happy. Which is completely and utterly odd. I wasn't happy in my high school anymore--it was my senior year. And I so don't want to go into that. I know I know--I keep this from getting too personal. I just feel uncomfortale. So, but even though I wasn't happy in school--I had so many friends out of school, that made me realize what true friendship was. And kinda made me realize how immature people in my high school could be. And I valued their friendship above all others--so even though I may not have seen them every day at school, because they didn't go to my school--I didn't feel like I had a lack of a social life. I know I did. I knew people cared about me, and trusted me, and maybe even loved me. *wrinkles my nose* Or maybe not--that is requiring too much guesswork and assumptions. To put it simply, I knew people cared about me. I cared about them. I remember coming home from school; and just not having free time because I was so busy. Between the school play, and USY and ice-skating, I remember collapsing into bed some nights. Yah, it would have been nicer if people were nicer to me in school--or saw me for me. (but that could be my fault--I digress) But I guess I wasn't unhappy and I have so many happy memories from that year. And pssst....some of the best movies were released in the theater (or re-released) that year: The Wedding Singer, Grease and The Little Mermaid. So, the show Gypsy makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, and reminds me of Scott and Brian and Steph and Mike and Andy and Shelly and Jesse and Frank and Erik and Bill. It just reminds me of senior year in high school.

But, after that quick reminisce--I am still bored! Rich isn't feel well, and went up to bed early. (really before The Office early) and now I am just being a schlump because I am so not tired or motivated to go to bed.

*sighs* Oh well.

On the plus side I am almost finished with my doll sized tank top. It is adorable if I do say so myself. *pats myself on the back* I did run out to Target today, and I was disappointed that they didn't have their Valentine's section set up. I kinda skipped in there wishin' and hopin'--I have something I want to do for my friends, but I can't...until Target gets it stocked up. I love Valentine's Day. I think maybe in Feb, I'll try to wear something pink each day until Valentine's Day arrives. (And yes, I do have enough pink "somethings" to go around...It is only 14 days. Way too easy.

Well...I think I will find something to do!

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