Friday, January 30, 2009

Movie Buddies...

So...ever since middle school...I always loved watching movies/tv shows over the phone with friends. However, I realized that some guidelines are of value in this situation:

Movie Buddy Guidelines/Rules
  • Choose a movie both of you know. Honestly, the fun gets lost if one of you have never seen that movie before, and may ruin the ending.
  • If possible, try to watch a movie that you have seen many, many times. It is more fun to overanalyize one that has been watched a bunch of times.
  • Try not to make it a long movie/show. 90-100 minutes is ideal.
  • Happy, upbeat movies, work best. However, with me I cry at every movie, so just try to find one that isn't going to make someone depressed or angry.
  • Use DVD's as opposed to ON DEMAND, VHS or the TV. The fun of watching a movie together over the phone is watching it from the same place. Years ago, it was very hard and frustrating to sync up movies when it was on TV or VHS. And On Demand freezes to much to sync it up.
  • Try to put it on early enough. Last night, I had a problem that it started a little too late, and I fell asleep before the end.
  • Don't just make the conversation one sided about the actors/actresses, you can discuss other things about the movie/show (maybe why it is relateable, what you would have done better, etc)

It is funny, in middle school--my friends and I would watch the Muppet Movies over the phone, or Beauty in the Beast. High school we would watch Grease and When Harry Met Sally. College brought 10 Things I Hate About You, The Princess Bride and VH1's Pop Up Video. preference of movies to watch over the phone is definitately Definitately Maybe.

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Frank said...

I forgot to comment on this one when I read it a while back!

Kickass good times hehehe.