Sunday, January 11, 2009

A lazy Sunday...


I went to see the movie Bride Wars. And it was corny, cheesy, utterly predictable, got horrible reviews--and yet, I was bawling my eyes out. Go figure! I am probably the biggest mush ever. Anyway, it made me miss the proximity of my friends. I know that is odd, and weird and well...complicated, but the movie takes place obviously in the city, and friends were just a few blocks away. College was so nice--I just walked across the hall if I needed to talk. (Not that I ever really did...I wasn't the type to share when I was upset...but I could if I wanted to). Summer camp was the same. Here, I have friends scattered all of the country and state, and yah, I can talk to them on the phone or through e-mail, but it is not the same as just knocking on the door, asking to talk---and not have to make a huge master plan, that inevitably falls through. So, I guess I just miss seeing my friends, especially my best friend. I remember when I was younger, I just wanted to have a neighborhood with my friends--it would make it so easy, so convenient, so nice just to see people. I still want that.

Okay, enough mushiness.

On this lazy day, I started attempted changing my dolls for Valentine's Day. I LOVE Valentine's Day--I always have. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It is a holiday that celebrates love and friendship among other things. Plus, you can find heart shaped things everywhere--and that is super cool. Everything is pink and purple and sparkly and makes me start to bounce inside. Plus, heart shaped cookies are so much fun to bake (and give away!) I already have my cookie cutters, my frostings, the sprinkles and cookie sugars. I can't wait.


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