Monday, September 15, 2008

Name the Doll Game

Well...over the weekend I got two new dolls. One already has a name Annie James; twin of Hallie Parker. But the other one is nameless. Someone suggested Anna...which I admit, she DOES look like an Anna-however, I do have a newly acquired Annie, so I am hoping for something a little bit different.

The names that I already have used in dolls are: Lydia Shaye, Kelsey Anna, Caroline Leah, Savannah Aileen, Olivia Beth, Klara Elizabeth, Noelle Starr, Emma Brighton, Sophie Emerson, Kayleigh Rose, Erin Kelley, Madeline Rae, Pamela Morgan, Gena Hiroko, Hallie and Annie.

Unfortunately...not to many choices. So what do you think she looks like? I will post better pictures tomorrow when it is cooler...right now it is WAY too hot.





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