Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ack! Storage

So...I have a minor storage issue problem. Actually, now thinking about it--it may be more of a major storage issue. Our house is a condo, which is actually similar in size to a house. The layout is there are three "usable" floors. The first floor is the garage and a finished basement. The second floor is the kitchen, living room, dining room, and bathroom. The third floor are three bedrooms and two bathrooms, plus washer/dryer.

So...techinically, considering there are only 2 of us, there should be plenty of room. And there is! Rich has laid claim to the basement--which he turned into a really nice area. We have a couch down there, darts, tv, a bar, and all of things. It is a comfortable place, but I actually feel weird being in the basement without Rich. I took the smaller guest room as my room. I was being nice. I figured if we ever decided to have a child, then they should have the bigger room--so I took the smaller one.

And it really ISN'T a small room--but because I am a librarian, and I go between two schools--all the books that I use for work, are ALSO in that room. And well, I try to contain my things to that room--again, if we have a child, I don't want to expand into two rooms--to shrink back into one. The other bigger room does have a sewing table, and a book case, and some other things. But since I am in the two schools, I don't want to leave my books at one school. So, they stay at home. If I was in one school, than all the bookshelves would be freed.

So--I have my extensive AG and book collection in one room--and it is driving me crazy! Problem is, there isn't much I could do that I haven't ALREADY done--and I really am trying to keep everything in one room.

I just needed to vent.

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Frank said...

shoulda taken the bigger room :o)