Friday, March 20, 2009

Sugar High

Well...I am finally coming down from my sugar high.

It is about time.

And I seriously didn't mean for it to happnen. But sometimes when you don't mean for things to happen, well they just happen anyway.

I started my day off with coffee I made. Good coffee. Stronger then usual. I added my normal cream and sugar and headed off to work.

As soon as I walked in to work, I found out another teacher purchased Dunkin Donuts coffee for the teachers. Well....I couldn't resist. (And usually, I am one cup of coffee person) So, I started on my second cup. (with cream and sugar naturally)

I also forgot that today was the big cupcake sale at work for the scholarship fund. All the 5th graders brought in (I believe 2 dozen each) there was a whole lot of cupcakes. They were selling them to the students, and the smell of sugar was intoxicating.

I bought two. And then I discovered chocolate covered pretzels and I couldn't resist--so I bought 4. They were covered with m&m's as well. the time I got home from work, I just crashed. Literally. I was twitchy all day long and bouncing around the library like a freakin' ping pong ball...

And then I passed out for an hour on the couch.

I haven't had a sugar rush like that in years--especially because normally I don't eat that much sugar during the day.

I will sleep well tonight.

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