Friday, July 4, 2008

Thought Walks

I don't know if anyone actually does this besides me. But the best way to clear my head is either by writing or taking what I call a "thought walk."-actually, Beth coined that term when something happened that I walked about 3 miles in Manhattan. After I told her that I walked that far, because of something she said to me, she felt very guilty. 

I told her don't be-I know you felt better after you telling me, and well...I just like to take walks to sort things out. Since that day, I always go for walks when something is bothering me or on my mind. Unfortunately, NJ isn't as a nice place to take these walks as Manhattan-it gets kinda boring. It started to drizzle as well-so my walk was cut short.

And I never solve anything on the walk. I know I can't fix the problems of the world. Or even my friends. I understand, acknowledge and accept that-even if I don't like it. But I do think of ways to fix things for them. Or atleast cheer them up-and sometimes on my walks, I get ideas on how to.

Well, my friend and I decided the other day that cookies fix just about everything. And it is true. They do. It may be the Jewishness in me or what; but cookies are the end all, be all to all the problems in the world. It might not necessarily be the cookies per say, but the fact that someone cared enough about you to bake them, package them and ship them to you. Who knows?

So on this walk I was thinking about cookies and replaying an earlier phone conversation in my head, when I was thinking wouldn't it be nice if there is someone to protect the people I care and love so that they wouldn't get hurt. I know it is not possible. But I wish I could just put them in a hurt proof bubble. 



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