Tuesday, July 8, 2008

101 Things that Make Me Happy

Well, I figured that it was about time for another "happy list." Its funny, I talk to so many people, and they always say I am happy person. I am. I try to find happiness in little, unexpected things. So, here is another of my world famous lists.

100 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Rich
2. My family.
3. My cats, except at 5am but that is another story!
4. All types of animals.
5. Good dreams.
6. Chocolate Chip Pancakes.
7. Grilled cheese and tomato soup.
8. Butterflies.
9. Warm towels from the drier.
10. Chocolate.
11. Kids.
12. Care Bears.
13. Silly kidsongs.
14. New Socks.
15. Schlumpy clothes.
16. A handwritten letter.
17. Lobster.
18. A deliciously good book.
19. An old abused favorite book.
20. Coffee.
21. Cheesesteaks (even though I don't eat them often.)
22. Beauty and the Beast.
23. Presents.
24. Holiday Cards.
25. Birthday Cards.
26. Rich saying "I love you."
27. Giving presents.
28. The holiday season.
29. Writing.
30. Friends that care.
31. A good cry.
32. Good friends.
33. An A on a paper or test.
34. Snuggling.
35. Movies.
36. Movie theater popcorn with M&M's.
37. Smiles.
38. Laughs.
39.Helping people out.
40. Knowing that people trust you enough to talk to you about their problems.
41. Sleeping late.
42. Sunrises.
43. Sunsets.
44. Beautiful Gardens.
45. Swinging on the swings.
46. Happy people.
47. Musicals.
48. The beach.
49. Snow.
50. The sun.
51. Catching snowflakes on my tongue.
52. Kisses.
53. A day off from school or work for no reason. (i.e. snowday)
54. S'mores
55. Hot Chocolate.
56. Sitting by the fireplace, with a fire going.
57. Watching my favorite movie for the zillionth time.
58. Winning something unexpected on ebay.
59. Making someone's day.
60. Good conversations.
61. Barnes and Noble.
62. When Rich and I have the same day off of work.
63. My cousins, especially Beth.
64. Lazy, summer days
65. The movie 10 Things I Hate About You.
66. New stationary.
67. Frogs.
68. Fireflies.
69. "The Office" tv show.
70. My dolls.
71. Baking cookies for my friends and family.
72. Ice-skating.
73. Different Quotes.
74. Thoughtful gifts.
75. Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears.
76. Children giggling.
77. Working air conditioning..
78. Target.
79. Starry Skies.
80. My Sketchers (just had to throw that in there..the people that know me know why.)
81. Mr. Bear.
82. Jigsaw Puzzles.
83. Feel good books and movies.
84. Vanilla ice cream from Dairy Queen.
85. A good night's sleep.
86. Coffee from Dunkin' Donuts.
87. Warm baths.
88. Memories.
89. My house.
90. Swimming at the pool.
91. Happy Music.
92. The ice-cream man song.
93. Beautiful photographs.
94. The UPS guy (because I know it is something for me!)
95. Getting ready for work in the morning while watching Saved by the Bell.
96. Thunderstorms.
97. Going for walks.
98. Zoos.
99. Seeing friends/family that I don't get to see as often as I like.
100. Weddings.
101. The Seaponies' song from My Little Pony.
What can I say? I'm a person of simple, happy pleasures.

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