Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

So, tomorrow will be a busy, busy day!

I know we won't have a delay opening tomorrow (which we did have that was incredibly nice today!)

I also plan on besides working--I need to straighten up, particularly the kitchen. The winter just makes me super lazy. But tomorrow afternoon--I plan on baking Valentine cookies. I have all the ingredients, and I can't wait to use my pink, purple and red food coloring and sugars for the heart cookies. I think I'll bring them to work on Friday.

I just want to bake. I could actually care less if I eat it--and usually with THOSE sugar cookies, they are so sweet that I have no desire to eat one of them until at least 24 hours after I make it.

I also plan on making my doll valentine's tomorrow. And work on phase 2 of my Valentine Surprise for everyone else! but...psssssssssttt...I can't reveal it here. I just can't wait--I love making people happy--so I am hoping to make lots of people happy inside.

Hmmmmm...tomorrow WILL be a busy day!

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