Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Office

Well, I found a new love over the last few weeks. And no, it doesn't have to do with Rich or my favorite food or anything like that-I found a new love of a TV show; the Office. 

Truthfully, I AM NOT a tv watcher-this coming from the kid whose parents had to bribe to watch TV as a kid. Not kidding that is a true story. Very rarely do I get hooked on a tv show-I think the last one was Friends. The one before that was Dawson's Creek and before that was Full House. *shrugs*

I think I love this show, or fell in love with it because for the most part it seems real-plus, I wish my work was as fun as that is. And truthfully, I love my job and my surrondings, but well for the majority of the day, I am with kids under the age of 8. I would say in a grand scheme of things; my interaction with adults is limited to maybe an hour out of a six and a half hour day.

Plus, I do see a lot of myself in Pam. Others may think that is wishful thinking-or false, but if you knew me throughout highschool-and college, and even to some less of a extent now, I can see it. I am for the most part quiet, and it takes me a long time to make friends-my parents always complain about that. *rolls eyes* I think their biggest question to me is the fact that I have few friends; and well the ones that I do have-live over an hour and a half away. It takes me years to really get to know someone as a friend. This is my second year at my job; and granted I do travel between two schools; but it took me over a year and half to really form some friendships. Thats a LONG time. And don't get me wrong, I do like people; but I have no real problem with coming home at night, getting in my pj's and reading. Or watching a movie or something. My parents incase you don't know them, are very social people. They are always out with their friends-and don't get me wrong, I enjoy going out to eat with people or the movies or baseball games, but I don't mind just hanging out at home either.

So, on Friday night; I believe Rich and I broke a record. We didn't get into The Office until Season 4, and that was purely by accident. We watch TBS every Tuesday night because of Family Guy. Well...I was sitting in "my chair" by the fireplace and Rich was on the couch. The remote, for whatever reason was not by him, so he didn't change the channel-and The Office came right .. it. We were hooked-I think the rerun that was on TBS that I first remember was "E-mail Surveillance." Anyway, a week later or so, I had a PTO meeting to go to, and while Rich was waiting for me, he ran to Target and got Season 1, 2 and 3 on DVD. That was Tuesday. By Friday we completely Season 1 and 2. Friday night when he got home from work we started season 3 at 5pm-we finished Season 3 at 3am. Between Saturday and Sunday we watched Season 4. And now, we are all caught up. 

Actually now, 

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