Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thanksgiving Checklist

So, Rich and I are having Thanksgiving at our house this year--for about 31 (maybe 32! people) And since by nature, I am a list maker--I figured a list would be in order (organized by date)

Weekend of November 14th
  • Bake first batch of cookies and freeze
  • Organize my doll room (put everything away, dress all the dolls for the holidays/winter)
  • Pick up tables from my parents house
Week of November 16-20
  • bring up servingware
  • go grocery shopping for ingredients
  • confirm menu
  • clean bedroom
  • bring up coolers
Weekend of November 21st
  • Defrost first batch of cookies
  • Spot clean the house
  • Bake second batch of cookies
Monday November 23
  • Frost cookies
  • Get soda/beer
Tuesday November 24
  • Make peanut butter balls
Wednesday November 25
  • Completely clean the house from top to bottom
  • Start setting out everything
  • Pick up butternut squash soup/pumpernickle bread
  • Make spinach dip
  • Bleach the floor by the litter box.
Thursday November 26th morning
  • Get up early
  • Clean everything else
  • Bake cornbread
  • Clean rabbit cage
  • Vacuum everywhere

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