Saturday, October 24, 2009

Barnes and Nobles Nook


I have been a reluctant e-reader proponent. I understand the draw for it, but I don't commute to and from work. Or travel a lot. Or really anything--and when I am home, I do like the physical aspect of a book.

But, we are going to London and Israel over winter break--and I would love to have it for the plane ride. Plus, the battery lasts 10 days--so between that and my Ipod--I wouldn't feel the need to carry much.

I was then thinking of the other benefits of it. The fact that I wouldn't lose books or misplace books. That when I head to NYC, I wouldn't have to worry about carrying extra bag just for my books. That I could to LBI and not worry about carrying books there either.

The only two drawbacks: Harry Potter is not in ebook form. And I couldn't take it in the bath :) But besides that, if I only got one think for Hanukkah and that was it--I would be ecstatic.

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