Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lover of lists!

I know I just posted before, and well--I figured that post deserved its own spot. I know that doesn't make sense, but to me it does. Completely different thought y'know.

Anyway, so Thursday night Rich wanted steak. At midnight. Go figure. So, we made plans to go out to dinner the next night--for...well...steak. Yeah, not my favorite. But I do like going out to eat--and I am usually able to find something else on the menu, so I didn't mind.

After dinner, I wanted to head to Barnes and Nobles.

It wasn't too far from the restaurant, and usually we aren't AT that part of town--so I wanted to head there anyway. Well, while I was there, I got a new journal called "Listology" which is just absolutely made for me.

I love, love, love making lists. Not pointless lists like things that I have to do, or grocery store lists, but other lists. Top movies, random events, thinks that make me smile, y'know lists thare are "real" and this journal has all different types of lists. Wooo Hooo. I can't wait to start to fill it up.

I am sure that some of my lists will be making it here too.

The thing is I think I like lists because to me, that aren't as personal. Or they are as personal as you want to make it. So, really....mine aren't very personal. And I like that. That I can still tell people about me, without getting too in depth into "me"

Lists are fantabulous!

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