Monday, August 17, 2009

82 Absolutely Fascinating Facts About Me You Probably Didn't Know...

Okay, it is list time again.

I had this list on my myspace page, so if it looks familiar to you--it is because it probably is. I love lists, it makes everything so neat and organized, and one day I want to bite the bullet and buy "The Listology Journal" just because I am incredibly awesome about making random lists.

Anyway, here are 82 (...and growing) random facts about me.

1. If given the choice, I would definately wear my pj's all day long-inside and outside.

2. I love to laugh. Despite what others sometimes thing. However, sometimes I try REALLY hard not laugh-because it is inappropriate.

3. I don't like crying. Yes, I can cry watching a sad movie, or reading a horrifically sad book-but yet, anything real-I just can't seem to get the tears out of my eyes. Trust me I tried.

4. I'm hopelessly optimistic-and a hopeless daydreamer too. I just never seem to pay attention because my head is in the clouds.

5. I love to help people. Sometimes I can be pesty, because I know I can help-people just don't want me to.

6. On that note, I bake. Cookies. Usually when I bake, I don't eat my creations, but I am not worried-they go so fast that everyone eats them. So they
must be good.

7. I collect dolls. Not Barbie dolls. I'm selective. I prefer the 18" ridiculously expensive American Girl dolls. I accept donations of any kind!

8. Speaking of collections-I save everything. Every note, every letter that was ever sent me is in a box, I think I started that phenemonon when I was about 10. That is 16 years of summer letters, love letters, cheering up letters and good luck letters. Sometimes, I even photocopied the letter I sent to someone else.

9. I also collect children's books and socks.

10. We have four cats: Lucky (i.e. Demon Seed), Logan, Pumpkin and Gizmo. Lucky gets in enough trouble by himself. We call him the perpetual 3 year old.

11. I don't drive. Never have and most likely never will.

12. I love Peter Pan. I have all the different version on DVD/VHS somewhere around here including: (but not exclusively) Hook, Finding Neverland, Peter Pan, Disney's Peter Pan, the Musical Peter Pan and numerous copies of the book.

14. One of my favorite quotes is "All it takes is faith and trust. And a little bit of pixie dust."-Peter Pan.

15. I worry to much. I worry all the time. I wish that everyone was happy at the same time.

16. I regret losing touch with some friends that I should have never lost touch with. No ones fault, but sometimes in my moods, I blame myself for not trying hard enough to keep contact with them.

17. I love taking baths. I love reading in the bathtub, which is why so many of my books are waterlogged.

18. I scare really easily. Anything scares me.

19. My favorite "adult" author is Mary Higgins Clark.

20. I have to read while I am eating. It doesn't matter if the food is getting cold or burnt or melting, I will not eat until I find a book that I want to read-which can depending on my mood, take awhile.

22. I love to ice-skate. I wish I had more lessons when I was a kid. I would have loved to have stuck with it.

23. I just can't get up in the morning. At least not when I need to get up.

24. I hate cleaning. Despise it. If I start a job, knowing my luck, I never finish it.

25. I wear my black boots, for the sole purpose that well, you can't tell what my socks are because 99% of the time they are mismatched.

26. The sock monster in the wash eats all my socks. I won't throw out the ones that I can't find matches too, in hopes that they will be found.

27. I like happy music. Upbeat music. Cheezy music. 80's music.

28. I think "Piano Man" by Billy Joel is one of the saddest songs ever.

29. All my friends are guys typically. I don't know how or why it happens-but it does.

30. I can sense people's emotion. I scare people with that because sometimes I am able to tell things about them, that they don't want to know.

31. I fully believe that the eyes are the window to the soul.

32. I love to smile. I have no problem walking down the streets anywhere just smiling and laughing.

33. I talk to myself. You should hear me chatter in the morning.

34. I play with my dolls. They have a bigger wardrobe then I do-plus they stand still for all the pictures that I take of them.

35. I love the color pink. I hated it when I was younger and didn't fully accept the "pinkness" into my life until I was about 20.

36.I am a nail biter-nail picker. I also do it in my sleep. I can't stop.

37. I love smelly things-candles, lotions, perfume anything.

38. My favorite smell is vanilla.

39. I can't walk into Bath and Body Works without buying anything.

40.When I was 9, I told my dad that I wanted to live in Barnes and Nobles, just like in the book From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler where they lived in the Metropolitian Museum of Art.

41.I love hot chocolate. Especially in front of the fireplace, reading a good book.

42. I love to write. I could easily write for hours. I write unsent letters as well.

43. I love snuggling.

44. I have a temper. I try not to show-but it is there.

45. I don't like stupid people. Or selfish people. Or mean people.

46. I revisit my childhood memories often.

47. I can recite the movies "When Harry Met Sally", "10 Things I hate about you" and "Beauty and the Beast" line for line.

48. When I home by myself, I put on Grease and I dance and sing.

49. I love Annie. That movie just stays in the dvd player while I watch it over and over and over again.

50. I look young. I still get carded anywhere I go. For nearly everything.

51. I get lost in starry skies. I love star gazing.

52. The sound of the ocean calms me.

53. My biggest pet peeve is when people pretend to be someone or something there not. Everyone should just be themselves and not worry about how other people perceive them.

54. My weakness is Hershey Kisses.

55. I took piano lessons for 7 years but can't play anything!

56. I am afraid of rollercoasters. The one time I went on a kid rollercoaster-I almost burst into tears.

57. Kids aren't kids to me. In my mind, they are kidlets.

58. I still wish on stars.

59.The person I admire most is my cousin Beth.

60. I'm adopted. And so is my brother.

61. I have an OCD type personality.

62. I sleep on my stomach, with my arms under my pillow.

63. I love chocolate frosted pop-tarts so much that I burned my hand on one-and nearly six months later the scar is still there.

64. The Office is my favorite tv show.

65. Out of all the characters on The Office, I relate to Pam the most.

66. Chocolate covered gummy bears are my weakness. Of course, you can't find them anywhere.

67. I hate clothes shopping-there is nothing more boring. I can spend my time doing so many other things.

68. My favorite fruit/vegetable is a tomato.

69. I love going for walks on spring days.

70. My favorite type of pizza is pineapple pizza.

71. My cousins still call me "Baby Jordy."

72. I can't dive. I have tried many times, but no matter what, me diving into a pool just looks...well...ridiculous.

73. I was on Romper Room when I was 4.

74. I don't like yogurt. I eat it because it is "healthy" for you. If I had to choose, my favorite flavors are mixed berry and strawberry banana.

75. I have a soft spot for anything Care Bearish. When I was 4 and in the hospital for 6 weeks, my cousin brought me a Care Bear for each day that I was there.

76. My childhood stuffed animal is my Miss Piggy.

77. Some mornings, I just wake up smiling.

78. My favorite holiday movie is A Muppet Christmas Carol.

79. The first chapter book I ever read was A Little Princess. My Great Aunt Lily gave it to me when I was 7. I have three different copies of this book, including the original one from when I was 7. (Which is tattered and stained)

80. I love catching snowflakes on my tongue. I love the snow in general, it makes everything look like a fairy princess castle.

81. I perfer my hot chocolate with marshmallows instead of whipped cream.

82. I am multi-talented. My talents include, but are not limited to: being a bum, writing e-mails, making cat's tails and ears, creating toothbrush bracelets, reciting lines from the Office, knowing how people are feeling without them knowning, worrying and analyzing conversations.

83. I can never finish anything I drink. If I drink soda out of can, I leave the last three sips. I will never drink a whole cup of coffee. Or water from a water bottle. There is always something left, either my choice beverage got too warm, when it wasn't supposed to be. Or too cold when it wasn't suppose to be. I know I am wasting things, and it is probably exactly the same as the rest of the beverage, but it isn't.

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