Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rant about Movie Ticket Prices...

So, last night Rich and I went to see The Proposal. And we are movie people. We love the movies. In fact, since May 1st (except for last week) we have seen a movie every week.At least one of us have seen: Wolverine, A Sneak Peak of the Proposal, Star Trek Twice, Up, Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past, The Hangover, and Drag Me to Hell. (Some of those movies we saw for free.

In the midst of those movies, you should have think the realization has come to me sooner. It is cheaper to buy a movie the first week it is released, then to see it in the theater. At least in NJ. I know that hasn't always been--but DVD prices have come down so much-usually the week that they are released--they are 16.99 or so. And, movie prices have gotten so high (last night it was 9.50 a ticket--and that doesn't count concessions). I can honestly see that as more and more people realize that, the movies will be hurt. Now, this is for our area in NJ--matinee prices for two tickets are still a dollar or two less then a DVD. Our theaters don't have student discounts--so if you see a movie on a Friday night--you are paying the full 9.50. I think this year our DVD collection will start to grow exponetially and our actually time spent in the theater will be less. Even if you buy a Blu-Ray the first week it is released--usually around 22 or so, that is only 4 dollars more then a movie theater ticket. (And if you add concessions--it makes more sense to buy the Blu Ray too).

It is a shame because I love the act of going to a movie--but I think I am going to start being pickier about which movies I see, and which movies I will.

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