Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So, last night before I went to bed, I was thinking...well more being contemplative I guess.

I was thinking about a story my cousin told me a few days ago. She was in elem school, in third grade, and there was a boy in her class at that time. That hated any crayons that were broken (and...I so can relate! My parents house had a crayon draw of just crayons because I had to get a new box as soon as one of them got dull or broke. Anyway, I digress) So, this little boy hated broken crayons. One day my cousin looked over at him and he systematically was breaking every single one. When she asked him about it, his reply was "this way they are already broken, I don't have to worry about breaking them"

That conversation stayed in her mind for just about 20 years or so. I never met that boy, because she was in elementary school before I was born. So, I don't know his name. I don't know anything about him really. But yet, the story of the broken crayons relates to all aspects of life. Trust me. I was a broken crayon a few times. And I also have been the one to break crayons as well.

Sometimes people are just so scared of getting hurt, they need to hurt others before they feel better. They just couldn't handle it. I understand that. Many people do the same. I have probably done the same if I search my memories far back enough. It is just amazing how the fear of getting hurt is so powerful that people will do anything to avoid it. *thinks contemplatively* Hurt themselves by having a missed opportunity. Hurt others, because they just don't know, and are innocent to everything going on. And then sometimes even cause regret. And some people have a vicious cycle--they do it for years, and then find it hard to break.

I know...I know. Broken Crayons are a far stretch from the fear of getting hurt. But not really.

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